Welcome, how good of you to drop by! 

I wish I could offer you a cup of coffee or tea, but since that’s not possible, here’s a cyber-hug coming your way. So—consider yourself hugged. I tell people I have a Ph.d. in hugging and so far, no one’s questioned my credentials. 

You can find out more about me in my bio, but for an introduction, let’s start with: I love to read. My mom said my first words were “read to me”. I love writing, especially when the story is going well. I love being with, talking with and learning about people. Throw in gardening, bird watching, travel, needlework and handcrafts and you know how I like to spend my time. The days are never long enough.

I started writing horse stories for young girls, my dream since high school, and now I write a wide variety of books for all ages, mostly fiction. All of which you’ll get to visit as you browse through these pages. You can read the first chapter of many of my books here, and I’ll try to keep this site up-to-date so you know what’s coming next.

I’ll run some contests, introduce you to other authors, and include my monthly newspaper column called Readin’ & Writin’ by Lauraine, where you’ll find both book reviews and writing tips. Oh, and I’ll post my travel schedule so if I’m in your area, perhaps we can swap smiles and hugs. Isn’t our God amazing to give us one more way to get together? 

Oh, and if you’d like to get together with some of my favorite characters, don’t miss my BlessingND.com web site, where you’ll find stories, photos, and more.

May you delight in the daily gifts that God sends just for our pleasure and always keep an attitude of gratitude, makes your day much brighter. My thanks always to all of you who read and enjoy my books, I love hearing from you.

So, tell all your friends and come on by often.



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