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ingeborgVelkommen til Blessing!

 I am so glad you are here and that we are finally meeting.

Blessing has come a long way, you know, since those early days when we—that is Roald, my first husband, his brother Carl and wife Kaaren and I—all homesteaded here on the banks of the Red River. Those were indeed hard, although wonderful years when we worked way past dawn and dusk to tame the prairie. Now the prairie has grown into a town. But enough of looking back. I’m afraid I get more nostalgic as I grow older. My daughter, Astrid, accuses me of wool gathering... but that is not so. I just have such amazing memories. God has indeed been so very good to us.

I am glad you have found us here. Within these pages, you’ll find a copy of my son Thorliff’s newspaper, The Blessing Gazette. I hope you enjoy reading about Blessing and all my family and friends. Uff da, it is hard to believe how fast the time is flying by.

If you are new to Blessing, North Dakota, you can always learn more about our earlier life by reading the Red River of the North books by Lauraine Snelling. She also wrote a series about my eldest son, Thorliff and Dr. Elizabeth who is now his wife, called Return to Red River.

By the by, I don’t want to brag, but Thorliff and Dr. Elizabeth have given me the greatest gift of all, baby Inga, my first grand child! She is the best baby ever. Thorliff tells me I am prejudiced but I don’t think that is the case. 

Enough about me for now, come join me for a cup of coffee and let me introduce you to my home town, Blessing. The buttons along the top of the page will take you to more information, and, I hope, entertainment too.

                       Most sincerely,


                                                             Ingeborg Bjorklund

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