Dakota December and Dakota Destiny

Dakota December


A fierce North Dakota storm screams outside his house on the edge of town, while inside, Sheriff Caleb Stenesrude tries to tend the near-frozen mother and boy he's rescued from the blizzard.


When the woman lets out a piercing cry of labor, Caleb realizes this will be a Christmas Eve like no other.


Caleb and the town of Soldahl take Johanna Carlson and her two children into their hearts, but Johanna keeps her distance, afraid to tell anyone the truth about her life.


Dakota Destiny


As folks in Soldahl reel from the war, Pastor Moen’s daughter, Mary, grieves over the devastating telegram she's received: "We regret to inform you that Private First Class Willard Dunfey is missing in action and presumed dead."


Then after months of agonized waiting, news comes to Soldahl on Tuesday, November 11, 1918 that Victory Day has come.


Does Mary have reason to hope? Is the man she loves still alive?


This volume includes the fourth and fifth books of the Dakota Series, featuring the intertwining lives of five inspiring women, all who lived in the early 1900s in the immigrant community of Soldahl, North Dakota.

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