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Welcome to Blessing, the fastest growing town in North Dakota and the friendliest.  Living here in the Red River Valley, we have the richest farmland that grows fine wheat, along with hay and grain for the growing dairy herds here that support the Bjorklund Cheese Company, known all over the United States and even into Norway and other parts of Scandinavia. We now have an established flour mill, owned and operated by the Blessing Co-op, which also operates the grain elevator.  Other businesses are coming to town. Elmer Grant and his wife have opened Grant's Groceries so now, The Mercantile established in our early days and owned by Penny Bjorklund sells all dry goods for both house and farm. The Blessing Bank, also part of the Co-op, has moved into the new building that houses the Barbershop and our new Post Office. We have a doctor in town with a surgery and we are searching for a dentist.

The Blessing Boarding House is known from east to west as serving the best food west of Minneapolis--just ask any of the railroad men and the drummers and they will tell you. Besides our own public school with grades one through twelve, we have the Blessing Lutheran Church, both established in the early 1880's. You will also find the public library in the school building. Students come from around the country to the School for the Deaf, owned and run by Mrs. Lars Knutson, who is nationally known for teaching deaf people to communicate through sign language and learn skills for functioning in a hearing world. The Blessing Gazette is published weekly as of this year, including enough national news to keep us all well educated and all local news. 

If you would like to learn more about our town and its history, I have posted a timeline below for your study. You may also learn more about my family through the Bjorklund family tree.


Thorliff Bjorklund
Editor, Blessing Gazette

A Brief History of the town of Blessingblessingproclamationtn

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