A Hand to Hold

A Hand to Hold

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When your friend is in anguish after losing a loved one, how can you help? What can you do to get past the awkwardness of not knowing what to say?

Years ago, Lauraine Snelling lost her only daughter to cancer. In A Hand to Hold, she briefly shares that story. She also draws from her own experiences and the experiences of others —including novelists Tracie Peterson and Stephanie Grace Whitson— to offer simple suggestions to help you help a grieving friend.

You’ll learn how practical service, such as running errands, can make a monumental difference. And Lauraine shares about the art of listening to someone in grief, and the priceless gestures of touch, tears, talk and time.

“Nothing you do for someone who is grieving, even the smallest thing, like a touch on the arm or a simple card, is in vain,” she writes.

Through these helpful suggestions from those who have also felt the pain of grief, you’ll be able to get past the uncomfortable feeling of helplessness, push beyond your friend’s “I’m fine,” and offer God’s healing grace to someone you care for.

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