Dakota Dusk

Dakota Dusk

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“It ain’t fair,” Jude grumbled. “My brother, the dolt himself, has a thriving business, a beautiful wife, and that grand house of his. It just ain’t fair, I tell ya.”

Jude Weinlander has the face of an angel . . . but the heart of a bully and a cheat.

When fire rages through his childhood home one night, Jude, full of anger and guilt, turns his back on family who could help him heal. He leaves Soldahl, North Dakota, and takes up wandering from town to town.

When he arrives in the small, fire-ravaged town of Willowford, North Dakota, he agrees to help schoolmarm Rebekka Stenesrude by rebuilding the schoolhouse before he moves on again.

But God keeps Jude in Willowford to work on his heart, teaching him that for every dusk there is a sunrise.

Dakota Dusk is the third book of the Dakota Series that features the intertwining lives of five inspiring women, all who live in the early 1900s in the immigrant community of Soldahl, North Dakota.

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